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True II Soul Network is a collective of professional members and community members that are devoted to trauma recovery, healing and transformation. Our Network provides:

  • Education & Training (Structured Guidance):
    Corporate Coaching • Workshops • Retreats • Online Learning
  • Services & Products (Nurturing Resources):
    Health food • Health products • Health Services
  • Support (A Culture of Resiliency):
    Trauma Recovery • Corporate Group Sessions • Holistic Health Consultation • Personal Coaching • Holistic Therapies and Treatments • Personal Development

Who we are:

Our Mission, Vision, & Standards


True II Soul Mission

True II Soul was born from a passion for Authentic Living and Powerful Healing. We are your bridge of safety as our planet shifts away from old systems and structures into a whole new world! We provide you with the knowledge, healing products, and holistic services that are Tried, Tested, and True!

True II Soul Vision

Helping to create a world where being True to Your Self is enough! Our objective is to contribute through a socially conscious network that provides health-full products, power-full coaching, and transformative support services that are truly inclusive and wholistic.

True II Soul Standards

Tried – We are passionate and committed to the services and products we provide that support your healing and authentic living. We speak from experience and share with conviction. The key here is passion.

Tested – We offer wholistic products and services that are created with high regard for who you are, kind intentions to provide what you seek, and steadfast integrity to serve the greater good. The key here is quality.

True – We are at our best when are authentic. Therefore, we offer our best when we remain true to what we do best. We help you be True to You by being True to Ourselves – and doing what we love to do! The key here is authenticity.

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A collective brought together by Founder Keda Edwards Pierre – a holistic health consultant, retired law enforcement officer, advocate, visionary, mentor, podcast host, international speaker and personal strategist. Keda coaches clients and interviews guests for True II Soul Radio internationally. Keda’s focus is recovery from trauma, health & wellness, and healing.

• Holistic information and advice
• Trauma Recovery, Health & Wellness, and Holistic Healing
• Vetted Holistic Health Services and Products
• Personal Development

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• Business Development & Expansion
• Business Coaching
• Networking Opportunities
• Learning & Teaching Opportunities
• Marketing & Trend Insights

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“I watched and helped build True II Soul. I am smarter, wiser and bettered from growing with True II Soul – also proud.”

– Kedan Edwards Pierre | Student of Life, Environment & Business | Keda’s Son | An Amazing Human Being

Our founder.


Keda Edwards Pierre, Founder

Being True To Self has been a tenet for Keda all of her life.

She knows deeply that “AUTHENTICITY IS POWER” and strives to allow all aspects of her life and business to reflect this knowledge. Family, friends, and colleagues know and describe Keda as a passionate, empathetic, hard-working – yet tough and determined individual – with a high level of integrity. Keda did not come upon these traits easily.

As a retired police officer, Keda remains passionate about the protection of the vulnerable and connection with communities. Over the last thirty years, she has become entrenched in numerous community endeavours – which give expression to her commitment to social justice and equity. Her diverse experiences helped her truly appreciate the fundamental role that overall health plays in a balanced and successful life. As such, Keda began training in the field of holistic health.

Out of Keda’s tri-factor of extensive professional experience, deep personal development, and a diverse support network – True II Soul was born. The basis of the True II Soul Network is connecting authentic people who are passionate about what they do; who do it well; and who are determined to help others. It is upon this foundation that the Nexus of Success philosophy is built. The Nexus of Success is how Keda maintains success. It is how she teaches others. The Nexus of Success is where Structure, Culture, and Nurture meet.
Keda now works as a Personal Strategist – a coach who supports people living their best possible lives. She draws from her experience in holistic health, in policing, as an Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher, as a group facilitator and instructor, and her extensive experience in personal and professional development.

Keda’s experience includes change management and strategic development with numerous groups, boards, and organizations and coaching of a diverse client base over the last twenty-five years.
Keda’s own healing journey coupled with her diversified training and professional history motivated her to create True II Soul as a place of powerful development.

Her mission is to provide and safeguard a space where AUTHENTICITY is encouraged, PASSION is the norm, and pragmatic STRATEGIES share space with creative INNOVATION.

Keda Edwards Pierre

Keda Edwards Pierre

Founder & Owner

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