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Topic: Be W.I.S.E. (Well.Informed.Safe.Empowered)

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Keda Edwards Pierre


  • Let’s weather this storm together. True2Soul is here for you with our Be W.I.S.E. Table Talks. Offering tips, information and resources that you need – so you can stay connected and safe.
  • What’s on your heart? Life still goes on outside of COVID-19. What do you need? Want to connect? We’re here for you. Use this time to self-care, rest and reset.

TOPICS (PLEASE NOTE: Clicking on the link will NOT register you for the webinar. A name and email submission is required for successful registration):

  • Self-Care (Mind, Body and Soul)
  • Children Learning at Home
  • Eating well on a budget
  • Dealing with Cabin Fever
  • Staying Connected – While Staying Safe
  • Creating New Norms
  • Tech Support: Taking care of your devices – so you can stay connected

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