Being Keda Show – Episode #7 – I Am Not My Hair – Self-Image & Professional Power

We’ve all been there. Worrying about the way we dress, our hairstyle, how we speak affects our professional power & success. How does self-image and self-identity translate into professional success?

Join Keda and her special guest Miranda Edwards (Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, and Communication Coach) as they discuss how this all plays out in their respective careers.

Miranda’s body of work includes Mean Girls, Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy, The Strain, The Bridge, and Covert Affairs. She has written and co-produced: “Tough As Nails” – a comedic action film that looks at the availability of female lead roles for women “of colour” in Canada. Miranda has worked extensively in theatre, film, and TV; and speaks with insight and experience about how self-image plays out in the acting industry.