K’DA FUSION™ – Fitness with Soul

Dynamic Tension & Stress Release through Dance Movement

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.” Carol Welch

K’DA Fusion™ is a style of movement that guides participants in self-discovery and body strengthening through dance and exercise.

K’DA stands for Keys to Dynamic Authenticity.  This fusion movement invites you to listen to your body more closely, learn your body’s true capacity, and challenge your body – based on your unique combination needs, abilities, and skills.  K’DA Fusion™ focuses on Authentic Self-discovery, dynamic expression, and healing through movement and fitness.  The powerful process of Release & Reclaim within K’DA Fusion sessions allows participants to realise their fundamental role in re-shaping and strengthening their own bodies.

Set to a mixture of energising and ambient music, K’DA Fusion™ invites each participant to discover Authentic Self dynamically.  Powerful movements – influenced by martial arts and strength training – are woven throughout the rhythms to stimulate expressive movement and a powerful workout.  A session takes guests on a naturally powerful high; and incorporated stretches allow tight muscles to loosen and relax.

The objective of K’DA Fusion in professional spaces is to release tension and stress, fortify the nerves, and increase vitality, mobility, range of motion, productivity, and overall morale.

Physical activity has been shown to also improve self-image, motivation, sleep, and enhance digestion

K’DA includes metabolic, resistance, and cardio-vascular training – as well as muscle conditioning.  At the end of K’DA Fusion, you’ve not only worked out your entire body, but you’ve had FUN doing it.  Both low and high intensity options are available.

Positive feedback about K’DA Fusion includes the following:

• Expands Body awareness • Increases Endurance • Improves Circulation
• Increases Strength & Balance • Boosts Self-Image • Develops Tone
• Increases Flexibility • Steps-Up Mobility • Boosts Weight management

Qi Cuisine™ & Wealth of Health™ are great complements to K’DA Fusion™

Qi Cuisine increases nutritional literacy and provides needed information regarding quick yummy nutrient-rich food. The Wealth of Healthincreases health and medical literacy and provides guest with vital health and medical information regarding self-care and accessing support.K’DA Fusion

K’DA Fusion increases body awareness and weight management., knowledge, empowerment, and access. Together, K’DA Fusion and Qi Cuisine provide great tips about long-term economical ways to enjoy food, support local farmer while being good to your body.