Opened Doors Mentoring (ODM) Program


“It takes a village to raise a child.” – African Proverb

Opened Doors Mentoring® (ODM)

A holistic mentoring program that caters to children and young people (aged 4-8 years; 9-12years; 13-17 yrs; 18-24 yrs).  The flexible structure of the ODMentoring design accommodates the short/long-term needs of our ODMentees (people who are mentored); and the short/long-term availability of our ODMentors (people who mentor). ODM provides a Certificate of Completion for the Mentor/Mentor Orientation & Advocacy (MMOA)  session – which is required before beginning the mentoring process.


ODM – Opened Doors Mentoring

ODMentee is the person seeking mentorship

ODMentor is the person seeking to mentor another person or group.

ODM Registry is the available pool of people who seek to mentor and seek mentorship

MMOA – Mentor/Mentee Orientation and Advocacy Session

ODMatch is the matching of the ODMentee(s) with ODMentor(s) – based on a number of factors. Match criteria include preferences and other information provided in the application form, skills, industry of work/interest, and personal/professional experience. See ODMentoring Structure

The ODMission Is

To empower, support and connect people
through intergenerational interaction;
and through social, personal, and professional
networking and development.

The ODMandate Is

To promote holistic excellence – in Mind, Body, and Spirit. We strive to value, guide, and protect our young; to be ever-conscious and respectful of the wisdom, passion and power of our elders and ancestors; to uplift ourselves using our inherited gifts; and to foster an interconnection that opens doors to our authenticity, power and success.


The concept of ODM came to Keda 19 years ago – with the birth of her nephew.
His birth served as a catalyst for Keda to actively pursue a way of providing male role models and balanced guidance.
Knowing it takes a village to raise a child, Keda wanted to design a mentoring structure that addressed the limited time issues for mentors; the varying needs of mentees; and the increasing need for intergenerational interaction.
Hence Opened Doors Mentoring® was born.

Keda’s nephew has grown into a fine and well-balanced young man;
and is now studying computer engineering (his passion) in university.

Over the years, ODM has attracted numerous participants, partners, and contributors from communities, government agencies, and the private sector for mentoring, workshops and events – including:

A Blazing Race – A Scavenger Hunt in the City of Toronto – collaborating with Toronto Public Library, Toronto Police, and numerous restaurants and businesses with Downtown Toronto)

Inside-Out/ROOT Camp – Self-empowerment and self-actualisation workshops with Young Men in collaboration with the (former) York Detention Centre

Ahead of the Game – Financial workshops for Young Minds in collaboration with George Brown College

Food ‘n’ Folk Fete – A Family Day of food, games, and fundraising in collaboration with MTOYS (Marsha and Tami Ottey Youth Solutions)

VIBE Camp – Summer Camp in collaboration with Toronto Police Service, ReDEFINING the Campaign, Future Aces Foundation, and Roar Rockit

ODMentoring Structure

“By learning you will teach. By teaching you will learn.” – Latin Proverb

Opened Doors Mentoring® offers mentoring opportunities and services that are accommodating in both quantity and quality of time spent.   As such, the ODMatch  is customised to the resource availability of the ODMentor; and the needs of the ODMentee.  There is one-on-one or group mentoring available.



SOCIAL (can include)

This mentoring relationship focuses on social interaction, networking, and “getting out there”. This can be strictly on-line, in-person, or a combination of both.

OCCASIONAL (includes)

  • On-line interaction
  • Minimum one (1) meet-up
  • Can include a day trip, special event, activities


This mentoring relationship focuses professional development, shadowing, and networking.  This can be strictly on-line, in-person, or a combination of both.

SHORT-TERM (includes)

  • On-line interaction
  • Minimum two (2) meet-ups per month
  • Maximum 3 months

PERSONAL (includes)

This mentoring relationship focuses on the needs of the ODMentee on the whole.  It may involve a combination of social, professional as well as personal development.  This type of ODMatch requires in-person interaction except in special circumstances.

Personal Mentoring is combined with Short-term or Long-term ONLY

LONG-TERM (includes)

  • On-line interaction
  • Minimum two (2) meet-ups per month
  • Minimum 3 months

Matching is based on any combination of the following factors:

ODMentor Applicant ODMentee Applicant
Type of ODMatch Requested Type of ODMatch Requested
Skills Skills
Industry Industry of Interest
Personal Experience Personal Experience
Gender Gender & Age
Location Location
Location Location
Language Language/td>
Accessibility Accessibility
Hobbies Hobbies
Preferences Preferences

Getting Started

Ultimately, mentorship through ODM not only offers you an opportunity for a life-enhancing experience but also provides an excellent professional development opportunity to include in your resume or school applications. ODM provides a certificate of completion for both the Mentor/Mentor Orientation & Advocacy (MMOA)  training and for completed ODMatches.  Connect with us to find an ODMatch focused on your unique needs.

Join the ODM Registry by clicking here

If you are already registered with the ODM Registry,
you may request an ODMatch by emailing us with the following information:
Your Name, Email, Phone Type of ODMatch Requested, Time available, and any additional information.