$49.95 / month



✓ 3 True II Soul Radio Features
✓ 3 True II Soul Magazine Features
✓ Facilitate unlimited online classes and workshops
✓ Access to highly recommended status within the True II Soul Academy, True II Soul Pro Match & True II Soul Store
✓ Multi-media connection to True II Soul Community
✓ Exclusive invitations to True II Soul professional networking events & affiliate professional networking events
✓ Included on our list for speaking engagements
NEW: Pro Enterprise Includes Complimentary BUSINESS WIZARD: Step-by-Step Guide to Building/Expanding Your Business ($300 – for a $450 value)
NEW: Pro Enterprise Rebate on BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Packages: LEVEL I – LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! ($500 each)
NEW: Pro Enterprise branded Virtual Office or Clinic Space


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