Ultra PLUSH – Skin balm

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All Natural ~ GMO free ~ Vegan ~ Nut-free

This best-selling skin balm is for perfect for dry to extremely dry skin. A luscious and exotic body balm that is also a super-rich and deeply penetrating moisturizer for extremely dry skin, Plush Ultra has quick hydrating action, leaving the skin soft and soothed all day. The scent of this super hydrator is a unisex scent blend of Litsea, Vanilla, Bergamot & Ginger essential oils. Non greasy, a semi solid balm which melts immediately in your hands, a little Plush Ultra goes a long way.


Plush Ultra can be used whenever skin needs a deep moisture infusion. Best applied after shower or bath – when skin is less dry and moisture can be trapped and pulled into skin. Apply liberally to clean, towel-dried skin. Potentially rougher skin areas like elbows, knees, feet and hands are particularly benefited.

Key Ingredients:

Mango Seed butter promotes elasticity, is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A and E and is a cell rejuvenator.

An excellent source of Omega 3 and 6, Cold-Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil assists with replenishing moisture and contains Vitamin A, B,D and E.

Cold Pressed Tamanu Oil is excellent in treating the symptoms of eczema and other skin irritations. Containing nutrients and proteins that promote healthy skin, Tamanu Oil supports the formation of new tissue and healthy skin.

Cold Pressed Avocado Oil contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, potassium and Beta carotene. This monounsaturated oil contains oleic acid which promotes collagen production – aiding in growth of new skin. and helps in new skin growth.


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