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Marina Silverio, RHN

Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Marina’s nutritional assessment is a whole body approach based on her knowledge of how the body, mind, and spirit are interconnected; it involves listening to your concerns, checking all your body systems and how they are impacting each other. Each individual is biochemically different and has unique nutritional requirements in order to achieve optimal health.

Glam Goes Green

Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, Toxin Free Clean Skin and Bodycare Products Recommendations made by a certified Holistic Medical Esthetician.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Bolton, Glam Goes Green is located on the north side of the Courtyards.  We offer a wide variety of natural skin and body care, cosmetics and more.


Morgan O. Smith

Meditation Instructor & Spiritual Guide
Inspiration for “The God Behind the God” – Authored by Arian Herbert
Founder of Yinnergy- Empowering, Motivating, and Inspiring one person at a time. Productive Habit Reinforcement. A place where ideas are shared and a more positive and productive lifestyle is cultivated.

Stacey MacDonald

Whether Stacey is connecting with the Angels or your Guides or even looking to past lives and dialing into your Soul path purpose in THIS life; there are answers for you and clarity to bring you more powerfully forward today…and every day.


Designs By Nature

Designs by Nature Gems is a Toronto-based design company that uses historical techniques to create wearable art reminiscent of nature.
‘My love of metals and gemstones arose from the enjoyment of the textures, symmetry, and appreciation of the geometric beauty found in nature.’” Laura Sultan, Designer and Creator

The Rock Shop of Kleinburg

Spiritual Gift Shop
Unique spiritual gifts, healing books, workshops


Peter H. Dennis

Advisor, Confidant, and Certified Consulting Hypnotist. Author, Speaker, and Podcaster. Metaphysician, Handwriting Analyst, Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher and Continuous Student

Sophie Losinski, PNRT

Sophie has been active in her pursuit of understanding human behaviour and getting to know what makes us do the things we do as humans since 1992. Her own personal challenges and journey of self-discovery were the catalysts of change in her life. With the aid of PNRT (along with other modalities) Sophie triumphed over many hurdles that were stopping her from living a pain-free and empowered life.